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AllWeb has been one of the leading Cambodian IT companies since 2004. We are specialized in offshore software development, but also aim to address emerging needs in Cambodia as its companies are maturing: our goal is to participate in the emergence of a local high-end software development market.

Our customers range from start-ups to large corporate companies. We have experience and methods to either design and develop extensible solutions from scratch or integrate seamlessly with other teams' development efforts.




With over 25 years' involvement in the area of data exchange between organisations and their customers, exalog has been specialising since 1999 in the publication of online application services (SaaS) It designs, implements and operates its own solutions with safety and quality of service to its customers as its paramount concerns.


NEOFI Solutions is a service company and software publisher working directly with both finance and cash management departments of large companies and groups. The company was created in 2006 by three experts capitalizing on over 20 years experience in the field of financial flows.


Fimasys is a leading global provider of front, middle and back office software solutions dedicated to international companies and institutions from the financial services field: wholesale and retail commercial banks, finance and insurance companies.

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